atmos vaporizerMany folks around the vaporizer industry have likely heard of Atmos Technologies, the company responsible for bringing such powerful vape products such as the Transporter, Orbit, and the Kiln to the marketplace, but with all of the mixed reviews out there, potential consumers are most likely wondering whether or not they should buy an Atmos Vaporizer or if they should look at some of the other brands out there in the market.  One of the main things that separates this company from the rest of the pack is that they are constantly redesigning, listening to customer feedback, engineering, and innovating to discover brand new vaporizer designs and technologies that can be implemented into their overall manufacturing strategy, then consequently released into the marketplace for new consumers to discover and purchase.

Top Of The Line Manufacturing

One thing about this company that is sure to gain some national attention is that everything they make is manufactured in house, in their own factories, which are in China, but still they are not outsourcing to OEM factories and other replicators.  Fake products are a huge problem when it comes to selling vapes online on auction sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and other online marketplaces.  If you want to stay away from these types of replica products then your best bet would be to purchase only from 100% authentic, authorized resellers that are operating legitimate eCommerce web sites and have a feedback system of reviews and other customer information that can be reviewed, inspected, and verified to make sure that they are an honest and ethical company, at least to some reasonable degree.

Top Features Of The Atmos Vaporizer

  • Completely portable and easy to use.
  • Able to vaporize herbal substances in 90 seconds at the push of a button.
  • Battery lasts a few hours of actual use, only have to charge at night like a cell phone.
  • Auto shutoff safety feature to protect you for fire hazards while using the product.
  • Extra large herb chamber for high capacity and consistent vapor production.
  • Medical grade, lithium ion battery for a long-lasting charge and prolonged usage.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty to cover any factory defects or products that arrive DOA.

Should You Buy One Or Not?

Overall, purchasing a Vaporizer from Atmos is probably a good decision, especially if you buy one of the models that have been recently released within the past 3 years, as they are more upgraded and perform much better than previous units from the past, such as the RAW, that were still relying on outdated heating coils and weren’t true vaporizers.  You could say that everyone in the marketplace got to know these products as inferior, and not true vapes but more like portable herb pipes that were still useful, but more gear towards outdoor concerts and other events in which participants would simply be “smoking weed” in a public setting.  With their newly upgraded herb chambers on the Orbit and Transporter vaporizers, Atmos has revitalized their product’s performance, and they will likely continue to innovate within the industry along these same lines right here in 2017.  They have also recently released the Kiln, which is a high quality wax attachment for a box mod, which can really enhance the overall performance of being able to vape wax on the go.  If you are interested in learning more about Atmos products then please stay tuned to our blog, as we will be writing about them and reviewing more of their products here in the near future.