Popularity in vaporizers has steadily increased year after year and with relaxing laws on weed it’ll only get bigger. The market, in case you haven’t seen the inside of your local smoke shop, is saturated with all types of weed vaporizers – pens, portable or desktop – that are looking for an owner. Which one’s the one that works for your buzz? There are four of the thousands you can choose from – here’s what they can do for your cannabis needs.


NimbinVap 4.0

This vaporizer gets a worthy mention from its uniqueness alone. First off, it’s a pen constructed with interesting materials – hemp and beeswax among others – that make it 100% organic. The active charcoal filter picks up any particles made from the spent buds. It’s also very small – around four inches long.

The NimbinVap 4.0 can be used in eight ways. It can be used in style similar to a pipe. Other styles let you use it to create makeshift hookahs, bongs and desktop vaporizer. There’s other ways you can use it that you can see when you look on the NimbinVap website.


Lynx Vapor

The Lynx is a handheld beauty that is worth mentioning because it has four temperature settings. The flavor changes at when you heat the concentrate at a lower temperature, so it’s definitively avape pen you wanna play around with. The hits are efficient from ceramic chamber, wick and titanium chamber that makes clean vapor.

From the outside it almost looks like a silver pen, and you can easily hide it in your palm if you want to be more discrete. It’s very safe too – no melt-prone plastic or rubber, just high-quality rubber and glass.

Firefly 2

This upgrade from the previous model can work from either loose-leaf cannabis or concentrate. Just by touching the side sensors you get started on the process in zero-to-vapor instantly. The Firefly is all about heating the dry herb as you inhale so you get the experience as the THC is activated.

It’s smartphone friendly, which is odd to say for a vaporizer but check this out. When you install the Firefly app, you can set the device to six setting for that precise hit. It also comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, a dock and a USB cable for a complete charging set.

Atmos Forge

This one is geared towards wax consistency pot, so this is definitely for aficionados. The package comes with a strong battery a dual coil atomizer. The dual coil combines with the titanium coil for an efficient vapor produced from the wax.

The chamber is coated with high quality materials and the mouthpiece protects you from any little spills that may come out from the pull. You can also adjust the airflow on it. There are a lot mouth pieces you can switch out from the battery for a different experience.


Vaporizers for all kinds and pleasures

These are just some of the weed vaporizers available for the biggest cannabis fans. There are so many that play around with dabbing using glass, huge industrial-grade ones and vape pens that might be up your pot alley. Just check out the reviews or videos and see after those sweet exhales which one looks the most appealing for you.