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If you would like to become a partner of VT NORML then the best way is to make a donation in any amount directly to our organization to show us that you support our efforts, and are willing to join the fight in marijuana legalization within our state. Making a donation can make all of the difference between us being able to continue our operations and going under. A lot of similar state wide organizations like ours have not been able to keep their doors open because of the extreme difficulties that exist for a marijuana legalization effort within the borders of a state that has had it outlawed for over 50 years.

Politics in this country is slow moving to say the least, and it will likely take several years before we are really able to make any lasting change within this state legislature, but we will never stop fighting, and we need money to do it, so please consider making a donation today, even something small helps, so don’t think that any amount is too small…even a dollar can help if multiple people do it, it all adds up. We are looking to become partners with like-minded individuals and webmasters from around the internet, so please feel free to reach out to us to inquire about getting featured on our blog, and other sponsorship opportunities. Thank You!

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