In recent months, the Wispr Vaporizer has been gaining some serious PR ground as more people try it. Many are calling it the best the all around best portable vaporizer. Some would even call it the best vaporizer (that’s a stretch for me). Recently, totally out of the blue, a ton of new high profile publications have published very short vaporizer reviews about the wispr.


This is sort of strange because the wispr came out months ago. The following publications posted a short blurb about the wispr vaporizer within the last month:
5.Global trends
7.The Dieline (a website dedicated to product packaging design).
8. New York Times (was an article about vaporizers in general but it specifically mentioned the WISPR)

Now there is a chance that Wispr is putting on a significant marketing campaign in anticipation for the very important holiday shopping season but I’m thinking that the word is just getting out about how great a vaporizer it is. I was sort of shocked that the popularity didn’t explode earlier given the quality of the Wispr.
Each website basically posted a picture of it, and a blurb talking about how it’s the new cool portable vaporizer with a super cool design. I love how a website devoted to cool product packaging wrote an article about the box that the Wispr comes in. For what it’s worth, the Wispr does come in a cool box, which I appreciate because I’m giving multiple Wispr vaporizer’s away for the holiday season.
It is interesting to watch a brand expand so quickly, though I am not surprised. When you combine a name like iolite with the reputation of Oglesby & Butler, good things will happen. Most people don’t realize that O&G have been around for decades and don’t just deal with vaporizers. Their main specialty is all things butane, which is part of why I am such a big fan of the unit.
Also, I want to make it clear that just because some vaporizer reviews (it is really a gift that I call them reviews because really in each case it is just a tiny blurb) come out from big time publications doesn’t mean I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. This is because I started the bandwagon. We were the first website to get a hold of the Wispr Vaporizer before it even came out. All the vaporizer reviews that came out after ours basically repeated what we already stated. Either way, good to know that the word continues to be spread.
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